What is the Quiet Pod at Loughton and how do I use it?



Our Quiet Pod is located with the Library and IT Centre on the Loughton campus.

Pod Facilities

The pod is suitable for individual study or for a group of 2 and is ideal for users who wish to attend a Zoom/Teams meeting, online class or study skills session. The pod has its own lighting system which can be dimmed or brightened, an air filter which can be adjusted, 1 mains plug socket and 2 USB ports. Bring your own device to use in the pod or borrow one of our laptops from our Laptop Loans service available in the library.

The pod has sound muffling to reduce noise but is not entirely soundproofed, so headphones/earbuds are recommended. The pod cannot be used as a rehearsal space.

There is a small step as you enter the pod - please take care!