What are the Study Pods and how do I use them?



Our 'Individual Study Pods' at our Colchester library can be located on both sides of Floor 2. There are currently 8 pods available in total (3 in the South wing and 5 in the North wing).

Pod Facilities

These are suitable for individual study, and particularly ideal for users who wish to attend a Zoom lecture, online class or study skills session. Each pod has its own lighting system which can be dimmed or brightened, an air filter which can be adjusted, 1 mains plug socket and 2 USB ports.  Bring your own device to use in the pod or borrow one of our laptops from our Laptop Loans service available in the Library Reading Room on the ground floor.

The pods have sound muffling to reduce noise but are not entirely soundproofed, so headphones/earbuds are recommended.

There is a small step to enter the pod, and the desks are height adjustable.

Frequently touched surfaces within the pod have been covered with a very thin nano-coating protection, which breaks down viruses, bacteria and other organic pollutants. 

dials for adjusting the air conditioning and lighting plugs inside the hush pods
Dials for adjusting air con and lighting Plugs for mains and USB
individual study pods
Study pods on Floor 2 North



The Study Pods are available for students and staff to use via the online booking system.

Please note: pods must be booked in advance and are not available for booking same day. These spaces are available first-come-first-served if there is no booking on the day - please check the calendar outside of the pod.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings can be made for Individual Study Pods between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Pods are in high demand so we recommend booking in advance.
  2. Due to feedback we have received, you can now make more than one booking per day up to a maximum of 3 hours in total, depending on availability. This means multiple bookings for the same day are now possible. There is no weekly limit, and bookings can be made up to two weeks in advance.
    Outside of these times the pods can be used on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. When booking the pod, you are agreeing to: Behaving appropriately according to the designated zone, in this case ‘individual quiet’ zone.
  4. Using the pod for study purposes only.
  5. Having no more than 1 person in the pod at any time.
  6. Follow Covid measures i.e. wearing a face covering and using wipes provided before and after use. Leave the pod clean and tidy, taking all belongings with you. 
    In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate the pod immediately and safely exit the building.
  7. No food please.
  8. Unattended property may be removed.
  9. Children (under 16) are unable to accompany you whilst studying in the library.
  10. If you no longer require the pod please cancel your booking either online or by contacting us.
  11. Please report any faults in the study pod to the Library Helpdesk on the ground floor.
  12. If the above Terms and Conditions are not adhered to, you may be prevented from further bookings.


If you would like to give us some feedback on our pods or booking system please complete our feedback form

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